Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bad Hair Day?

Hair, we all have it, it is the thing that can truly reflect the pride we have in ourselves. But having to tame unruly locks can be challenging when they just don't want to participate (and yes guys, I'm talking to you as well). Well here's an idea that anyone can pull off...

The Bedhead
These days Bohemian is in. That means that we can all pull off the tousled look we have without much effort. Guys with shorter hair, if it doesn't stick out at awkward angles why not try and rock the casual look? And girls, stick some braids in there; you could have braided headband or cross two over at the back. Even if you have shorter hair, hide some of your frizz with simple hanging braids.
Play around with it until achieve a unique style that suits you and your personality.

** An Average Life**

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